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Secure, cost-effective and flexible access management system
The PROTEC2 CLIQ® access control and locking system combines the best parts of electronic and mechanical world. Based on a rotating disc cylinder, the patented PROTEC2 ensures mechanical locking and electronic CLIQ® technology enables the flexible management of keys, access rights and the access register. The double-secured system makes sure that the right people get to the right place at the right time – with one key only
The system is carefree for both the administrator and the user as only one key is needed to open all the necessary doors.
The user updates individual access rights made by the administrator to the key using the CLIQ Connect app or through a wall or mobile unit. A lost key is no longer a security risk thanks to the system that makes it easy to delete keys and create new ones.
› One easy-to-use system for high security locations

› Water and energy

› Educational institutes and public premises

› Oil and Gas facilities

› Logistics

› Hospitals

› Production facilities

› Facility management


This is how it works

  • The mobile app asks the keyholder to enter a PIN code which activates the key to be used for a period of time that the main user has defined.
  • If the key gets is or stolen, it cannot be used without entering the PIN code.
  • Using the PIN validity period, the keyholder can have wider access right profiles without impacting the high state of security.

Cost-efficient and seamless CLIQ® Connect – the benefits

  • The app can be linked easily to both new and existing PROTEC2 CLIQ systems.
  • Keys can be updated with new access rights whenever and wherever.
  • No extra purchases are needed – utilizing the employees' own smartphones maximizes cost efficiency.
  • Security risks from lost keys can be eliminated with real-time unlocking rights.
  • A real-time access register can be utilized in resource management.
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