Altus solution for project training and simulation

Altus Training Box cases are a complete didactic solution. With resources that allow simulations of elements present in the most varied industrial, building and machine automation systems, the tool is indicated for research laboratories of companies and educational institutions that want to apply the new concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things ( IoT). Available in three models, the tool uses the MasterTool programming software, which is free and has 6 languages described by the IEC 61131-3 standard (LD, FBD, ST, IL, SFC and CFC).

Your portable automation lab

Embedded in a compact and resistant structure, which provides ease of transport and storage, Altus Training Boxes are divided into two lines that are differentiated by the embedded PLCs: Nexto Xpress and Duo.

Training Box Nexto Xpress
The solution uses as a central unit a programmable controller XP340 from the Nexto Xpress line, which provides an Ethernet port with several protocols, an RS-485 serial channel with MODBUS RTU, a CAN interface, a USB port, 16 digital inputs 24 Vdc, 16 digital transistor outputs, 5 analog voltage / current inputs, 2 analog RTD inputs, 4 analog voltage / current outputs and support for the Web Server, which allows creating HMIs and / or supervision screens to be accessed on the computer or on mobile devices. The case also has a dedicated circuit that allows simulations of control and disturbance in PID loops.

The programming software used to program the embedded resources is MasterTool IEC XE.

Training Box Duo
Available in two models, TB130 (standard) and TB131 (with built-in stepper motor and encoder), the Training Box Duo has power, programming and connection cables, input and output terminals, potentiometer, voltmeter, among other features. The equipment`s dedicated circuit makes it possible to simulate control of digital and analog signals, including PID loops, and has the capacity to connect up to 16 suitcases in a MODBUS RTU network.

To program the resources embedded in the case, the free MasterTool IEC software is used.
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