Control your industry processes with X2 Series HMIs

The X2 Series stands out as an innovative solution in Human Machine Interfaces (IHMs) that combines advanced graphical tools and a selection of highly functional features. With robust hardware, high security and seven different screen sizes, the family products can be applied in the most diverse applications of the industrial market.

Control and supervision for various applications

Available in two versions, BASE, PRO and Extreme, the X2 Series HMIs have been developed with a die-cast aluminum and plastic mechanics that combines lightness and ruggedness for all types of industrial environments:
  • Open platform that enhances the applications’ aspects and functionality
  • High performance hardware
  • Long lasting backlight
  • TFT technology for brightness adjustment
  • 30% larger widescreen display
  • Solid functionalities that develop and ensure user confidence
  • Time optimization with versatile editing tools
Several templates for creation of complex and customized applications
Optimized connectivity with real-time data exchange between controllers


Efficiency in application development and assurance of safe operation


Built-in engineering and navigation tools for ease of use


Ideal for industrial applications that use operation and terminal displays


Versatility, safety and high performance to maximize the performance of your machine
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